Data Sources

Fido has thousands of contributing data sources that enhance our personal data and our ancillary canonical location, school, and company datasets. These sources fall into two categories, our "data union" sources and our public data sources.

The Data Union

The "Data Union" is our proprietary data sharing co-op. Customers opt-in to sharing their data and warrant that their data is fully compliant with global data privacy regulations. Some data sources are provided as a one time dump, others are refreshed every time we do a new data build. Our data sources come from a variety of verticals including HR Tech, Real Estate Tech, Identity/Anti-Fraud, Martech, and others. Fido handles the permissions, compliance tracking, opt-outs, and all other regulatory items. If a customer wishes to ensure anonymity, we work with them to anonymize the data.

Sharing your data is 100% optional, with many customers electing to not participate.

Public Data Sources

Our public data sources help us shore up areas where our data union sources are not providing enough information. These sources include open-sourced datasets, publicly available and free-use government filings, and others. This data is also globally compliant and fair use.

Source Validation and Accuracy

Before a source is added to our data builds it goes through multiple steps of validation. We check aggregate information across each source, ensure accurate cardinality between fields, and hand-check large samples of every single source before it is added to the build. We ensure that sources are not internally creating false linkages that could adversely affect our product. We also ensure that information is accurate, fields are not inferred, and make efforts to timestamp sources in order to understand their value in regards to our faster-moving fields (title/company/location).