What is Fido?

The growth of the Internet leaves a trace of simple, easily accessible information about almost every user – a trace that we label “digital footprint”. Fido analyzes the information content of the digital footprint – information that people leave online by accessing or registering on your websites – to evaluate the quality and reliability of your online customers.

Fido examines over 150 digital footprints: the device type (i.e. tablet/mobile), the operating system (i.e. iOS/Android), the channel through which a customer comes to your website (i.e. paid search/organic), the time of day of the request (i.e. morning/night), the email service provider (i.e. gmail/yahoo), information about the email address (i.e. if it includes first and last name) and much more. Please visit Digital Footprints for more information.

Main use cases:

  • Lead qualification: assess the quality of your online prospects to reduce fake leads, lower your CPA and optimize your customer onboarding process.
  • Credit Scoring: use digital footprints as an alternative source to credit bureau data. Ideal to score customers with no or very little credit history.
  • Fraud Prevention: detect device spoofing, reduce chargebacks and prevent accounts take over with Fido.

How does Fido work?

To activate Fido, collect all digital footprints and score your customers you need to place Fido JS on your signup or landing page. Follow the widget Installation Guide an set your data capture mode (autocapture: on/off). By turning "auto-capture" ON, you will simply need to install the widget, and Fido will automatically capture all digital footprints and return you the score in your Fido Dashboard. If you wish to import all digital footprints in your CRM or plan to integrate the Fido scoring model in your application, set auto-capture OFF, and follow our API REFERENCE for more advanced use cases.


Fido Widget

The installation of Fido Javascript SDK it's mandatory. Without the widget on your website, Fido can't capture all digital footprints needed to calculate the user score.


Fido Diagram 1