What is Fido Score?

Fido examines over 150 digital footprints: the device type (i.e. tablet/mobile), the operating system (i.e. iOS/Android), the channel through which a customer comes to your website (i.e. paid search/organic), the time of day of the request (i.e. morning/night), the email service provider (i.e. Gmail/Yahoo), information about the email address (i.e. if it includes first and last name) and much more.

Fido for lead qualification

When used for lead qualification, Fido reduces dramatically the number of fake leads allowing you to detected low-quality users and prioritize high-quality prospects. Performance marketing is increasingly legitimized by media publishers, the influencer culture, and price comparison websites. The problem? Fraudsters are rapidly infiltrating affiliate marketing, which simply means your advertising dollar brings a lot less ROI. By adding Fido Score in your marketing strategy you can cut through the noise of bad leads, improve your customer onboarding process and lower your CPA.

Fido credit scoring

Fido Score complements rather than substitutes for credit bureau information. The correlation between a score based on the digital footprint variables and credit bureau score is very low. Consequently, the discriminatory power of a model using both the credit bureau and the digital footprint variables significantly exceeds the discriminatory power of models that only use the credit bureau score or only use the digital footprint variables. This suggests that a lender that uses information from both sources (credit bureau + digital footprint) can make superior lending decisions.

As a simple example, every website can effortlessly track whether a customer is using an iOS or an Android device, or track whether a customer comes to the website via a search engine or a click on a paid ad.

Even simple, easily accessible variables from the digital footprint proxy for income, character, and reputation and are highly valuable for default prediction. For example, owning an iOS device is one of the best predictors for being in the top quartile of the income distribution. So the device type can be used as a proxy for otherwise hard to collect income data.

Variables that proxy for character and reputation are also significantly related to future payment behavior. For example, customers arriving on the homepage through paid ads (either clicking on paid google ads or being retargeted after prior google searches) exhibit the largest default rate. Customers being targeted via affiliate links, e.g. price comparison sites, and customers directly entering the URL of the E-commerce company in their browser exhibit lower-than-average default rates. Finally, customers ordering during the night have a higher default rate, approximately two times the unconditional average.


How Fido Score works?

To activate Fido Score, companies need to place Fido JS on their website as described in the Installation Guide. Fido Score is based on a proprietary algorithm and performs a thorough analysis to reveal the quality and reliability of a web user with a score from 0 to 1000 divided into 5 tiers.

Score Value (Generic)LevelDescription
0-225PoorLikely to be spam, non-human traffic or fake customer. Decline transaction.
226-450BadMultiple negative signals. Unacceptale customer.
451-550ModerateManual check needed. Review customer before to assess the quality.
551-775GoodMultiple positive signals. Prioritize customer.
776-1000HighCertified customer. Approve transaction

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