Technical Requirements

Prior to installing Fido, we recommend deciding your project and environment setup and considering any data privacy legislation you may need to comply with. This will help you make implementation decisions after installing that will best match your business needs.

Determine your Project & Environment Model

Your Fido account is structured in a set of projects and environments. Projects can be thought of as blank slates that are completely independent of another. Environments are subsets of projects that share definitions (events, segments, and reports), but do not share any data.

When you sign up for Fido, you automatically get one Main project with two environments: Production and Development. During implementation, you'll need to decide if this default setup satisfies your requirements, or if you will need to add more.

Generally speaking, most businesses find that keeping all of their data in the Main project and using the two default environments to separate their production and testing data to work best. This setup allows you to analyze all of your user interactions in one place. This is essential for tracking each user through their journey converting from a visitor to a customer, using different products, and interacting across your website and mobile apps.
Here are a few cases where it would be best to add additional environments or projects:

  • You have a complex staged deployment process. In this case, we recommend creating environments that align with each stage in the process, such as Local, Integration, Functional, UAT, etc.
  • You have an internal application used by employees only, and you don't want that data to appear when analyzing your users. In this case, you should use a separate project to house data for that application.
  • You have global sites or apps for different countries. A setup with a single project and multiple environments is best suited for this, so you can share common definitions, but keep analysis separate.
  • You have a set of brands or products that do not share a common user base, such as owning multiple businesses. In this case, you'll want to set up multiple environments and projects for each business.

Complete steps for setting up new projects and environments can be found in Projects and Environment. If you're planning to use multiple environments, note that you'll need to copy the correct environment ID from Fido into your app during installation.

Data Privacy Legislation Compliance

Fido is GDPR compliant and can be configured to meet HIPAA and COPPA compliance standards. If you need to meet GDPR, HIPPA, or COPPA compliance standards with your implementation of Fido, we recommend reviewing our FAQs on Data Privacy prior to installation.

Create Your Fido Account

To get started with installation, create your Fido account. Once you've done so, your javascript will be provided for you to install Fido on your website or app. See our platform-specific installation guides for complete installation steps.

What’s Next